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At Contracting Arsenal we're efficient, we pay close attention to your budget and we share your vision for the perfect commercial construction project. We know the ins and outs of the permitting process and we have an extensive network of the finest subcontractors and suppliers in The Carolinas and Virginia. We take on your job as if it were our own. We know that you can't tolerate having your project completed late or over budget. Let us manage it and have the piece of mind that it's being done right. When you're ready to experience top-notch service, hire us as the general contractor for your commercial or multi-family project.


Leaky Roof?  Our repair and maintenance divisions are dedicated and trained exclusively for commercial leak investigation and repairs, successful maintenance strategies and varied service capabilities.  We recognize the need to maintain uninterrupted operations while minimizing budget impact.  That is why our elite repair and maintenance division gets the job done right the first time, whether you need leak repair or commercial fit-up.

Full Roof System Replacement
The average life expectancy of a commercial roof is typically 18 years.  Replacing a roof will eventually be necessary.  To replace a roof involves an entirely different set of considerations than during new construction; experience and flexibility count heavily.  There are many options that vary from coatings and recovering to completely replacing the roof and deck as any given situation may dictate.  Contracting Arsenal Inc. are specialists and can guide you to the most cost effective method of bringing your roof up to your expectations.

Roof Recovers
Situations that support recovery systems offer the customer options that can provide considerable cost savings.  After IR scans and core samples have been taken, decisions can be made to coat, retrofit with BUR, Mod Bit or single-ply, or lastly, wind vent.  Wind-vented technology is an air-sealed substrate design.  Wind generated vacuum pressures pull air and moisture from under the roof membrane up through and out of strategically placed equalizer valves.  A suction is created pulling the roof membrane tight against the substrate, eliminating moisture.  Underlying the wind harnessing principles of the ERC WV1 or WV2 systems is a totally air-sealed roof deck and membrane.  As a 2001 applicator, we see to rigid, air-tight details around roof penetrations, perimeter details and seams.

Roof Coatings
We offer expertise in building restoration systems for roofs and walls.  These systems are designed to eliminate costly replacement of existing metal, single-ply, modified and built-up roof systems.  Our unique waterproofing systems and installation methods for exterior walls completes our restoration package for optimum building protection.  The majority of systems we install are one coat applications, saving on labor costs.

Phased Roofing Services
For customers who have multiple facilities or buildings, phasing projects are a solution that can alleviate financial or budget constraints.  Dividing your roofs into sections and doing one roof or section at a time can allow you to prioritize your problem areas and pay for your roofs over years instead of all at once.

Concrete masonry and restoration waterproofing
Masonry repair and restoration typically begins with the removal of failed masonry elements, followed by cutting and repointing of mortar joints and structural enhancement of any concrete surfaces.  Any failed elements are then replicated or repaired and replaced.  Once the masonry areas are cleaned, extensive testing of the masonry and mortar joints is done using the RILEM test method.  Test areas of clear sealers are applied and then retested to determine which product is best suited for the particular situation.  We can even install products that will waterproof your substrate that you will be unable to see or touch within 15 minutes of application.  These penetrating sealants will allow your substrate to breathe, allowing moisture out and preventing moisture from entering.  If you want a look or color we can also install coatings over your masonry substrate that will allow your substrate to breathe and let moisture out without letting moisture in.

Not only can we waterproof all your masonry substrates with penetrating sealants and coatings, but we can also dress up and waterproof your metal wall systems with coatings as well.  If you have issues with your mansards or wall paint peeling and chipping but not leaking, we can dress those up with new coatings that will hold their color and make your exterior look great.  If you do have problems with leaks or water intrusion, we can stop those leaks and put you under a leak-free warranty for your concrete, metal or even walls.

Metal Systems
Metal has long been known for its sustainability, longevity, low maintenance, and superior weather-tight performance.  The ability to replace individuals panels using a Symmetrical Panel System opens doors with roof and wall architectural panel systems.  We can install a variety of metal panels for your roof or wall applications.  Standing seam metal roofs weather the toughest environments while outlasting other configurations in day-to-day wear and tear.  We can even offer custom sheet metal roofing right on your job site.

A daylighting system from Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights uses reflective surfaces to focus natural light and provide effective internal illumination.  Daylighting can mean tremendous energy savings in buildings that operate during the day such as schools, offices, warehouses, factories, and retail stores since daylighting can replace electric light 70% to 80% of daylight hours - in many cases for less than $0.015 kWh over the life of the building.

Contracting Arsenal offers warranties for all of the systems we install, including:
5,10,15,20,25, and 30 year Labor and Material NDL warranties.
Our manufacturer's also offer wind speed warranties up to 150 MPH.
These warranties are dependent on the system, material, and wind speed required.


Built up Roofing:
3 ply or 4 ply
Smooth surface or flood coat & gravel

Modified Bitimen Roofing:
2 ply, 3 ply, or multi-ply
smooth, granulated, fleece back caps

 Single Ply Roofing:
wind vented, mechanically attached, fully adhered

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